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Client access


We offer the entire logistics process, available 365 days a year, including holidays, and 24 hours a day, always providing the best efficiency for the client's needs.

We have logistical offices in Almería, Murcia and Valencia.

Logistics office Murcia

Logistics office Valencia

Logistics office Almería


Using the latest technology, Caliche demonstrates and processes grouping in a single place, performing the capillary delivery with the same truck that leaves the starting point, Murcia.


Caliche Group offers the possibility of consolidating loads from their two platforms, located in El Ejido (Almería) and San Cayetano (Murcia). Storage, Labeling and Radiofrequency through which the client can check the status of their goods at any time.


An exhaustive control is carried out for labeling the goods of supermarkets, a labeling process that can be carried out at the Caliche Group facilities, responding to the client's needs at all times.


Caliche's facilities are adapted for all types of goods, as they avail of preparation for dry, controlled temperature, refrigerated and frozen conditions. The human team takes care of locating the goods at the ideal temperature in order for it to reach its destination in perfect conditions.


Caliche always invests in innovation and the latest technology developed for Transport and Logistics. Thus, the client can obtain any type of information related to the status of their products and goods, as well as traceability of the same.