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Client access

National and international land transport

As specialists and leaders in road transport through the majority of EU countries, this year we have also strengthened our sea and air transport services with which we intend to become a reference, therefore no efforts will be spared. In this sense, the Group has joined an international network of correspondents with presence in more than 90 counties in order to attend the logistical demands that any client may require.

With respect to our partners, essential key figures for our international expansion, we already have partners in France and Germany that are performing exceptional work. In 2014 we expect new incorporations, while the Caliche Group philosophy goes through a well-studied growth with the objective of continuing to provide impeccable service, which is our ultimate priority. Our partners are the delegations of Caliche Group in Europe, opening the door to potential clients, identifying the industries that export to Spain and offering the services of the Group for road and sea transport. They can confidently market a serious, reliable and high quality transport service, supported by a solvent Group with recognized prestige.

Our professionals are notable for their preparation, work capacity and team spirit. They invest great efforts in caring for client relationships, strengthening the bonds through direct and personal treatment, which characterizes family companies and is something that very few large companies currently do. Without a doubt, they attempt to constantly improve the service for our clients and get involved in their objectives in order to help achieve them and, thanks to them, the department is still growing unstoppably.

On the other hand, we are immerse in a continuous process of technification and R&D, which converts us into a cutting edge company within the transport and storage sector. As part of the constant effort to offer clients only the best, Caliche Group participates in the main events of the sector, such as Fruit Logistic, which is the leading fair where all Spanish exporters and all international purchasers attend.

At Caliche Group we continue to strive in order to maintain the trust of our ever-growing client portfolio.