Caliche logistics

The most important is in the best hands


Grupo Caliche, as a logistics and storage company, has created a complete structure of logistics centres throughout the Spanish Mediterranean that is complemented by a network of agents and strategic alliances, thus enabling us to offer a rigorous and efficient service all over the world.

Through this network, we can establish logistics and storage strategies for all kinds of goods, whatever their characteristics, or specific transport and preservation requirements. In addition, all the centres of our logistics company have the necessary security, control and traceability systems in place to ensure the goods maintain their quality scores intact.

Capillary distribution

We are a logistics company with the necessary capacity to guarantee the success of the last step of the product distribution process from our warehouses to supermarkets, neighbourhood shops or end customers. 

Consolidation and distribution of goods

Benefit from lower costs and shorter delivery deadlines with Grupo Caliche’s consolidation service, which groups together different loads from different businesses in the same delivery.

Vacuum and collection at the point of origin

We offer all the guarantees when it comes to the first step of the food value chain. We have the capacity to collect any agrifood product at the point of origin, transport and store it, thus ensuring that it preserves all its properties.


We keep strict control of goods, from their origin to their destination, by way of a GPS tracking system throughout the entire transport process.

End-to-end solutions and logistics

In Grupo Caliche we analyse the specific storage, preservation, transport and distribution requirements of all goods. We then design an exclusive strategy adapted to the needs and particular features of each customer and delivery to provide all the value that can be offered by a logistics company.


Beyond our commitment as a logistics and storage company, our strategic location along the Mediterranean Arc guarantees an efficient service connected to Europe’s main transport routes. Combined with Grupo Caliche’s air and sea freight capacity, it means that we can offer the highest standards of service and quality.

Closed circuit televisión

All our logistics centres are equipped with CCTV, meaning that we can protect and control your goods, and ensure they are well looked after.

radio frequency systems

We have a radio frequency system in place that records all the movements of goods in the warehouse, thus optimising work processes and eliminating any margin of error.

temperature control

We keep rigorous and permanent control of the temperature in the different branches of our logistics and storage company, so your goods are kept in perfect condition.


  1. Security. Our logistics centres are equipped with a comprehensive security system. The goods are also covered by freight insurance to protect against any unexpected event.
  2. Peace of mind. Your goods will always be in perfect condition, whatever their specific and special storage requirements.
  3. Trust. You will have a partner whose extreme professionality and leadership stands out from other logistics and storage companies.
  4. Traceability. At all times you will know where your goods are, thanks to a GPS tracking system.
  5. Versatility. Grupo Caliche completes its logistics and storage offer with a leading service in road haulage, sea and air freight to give you comprehensive solutions.
  6. Capacity. We offer you over 50,000 m2 in our logistics centres, besides a complete network of strategic alliances around the world.


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In Transportes Grupo Caliche we work for our customers and care for them in the same way. From the most important multinationals of very diverse sectors to SMEs that need our services or are starting their import and export projects. Our transport company’s motto is «We want you to feel well looked after» and we apply it to all customer profiles.